I’m sure you can agree that buying homeowners insurance can be difficult, it can also be a hassle to find the best homeowners insurance in Texas.

But guess what, you’re in luck:

Not only can buying homeowners insurance be extremely simple, but the best homeowners insurance company in Texas also allows you to apply online for coverage in minutes.

In today’s post, I will cover which insurance company is the best for homeowners in TX, how their product works, as well as how to get Texas home insurance quotes online.

​How We ​Chose The Best Home​ Insurance In TX

​One of the largest investments you will ever make will come in the form of purchasing a home. 

Unfortunately most of us don't do any shopping when it comes to a homeowners insurance policy but we shop for things that don't require anywhere as near of an investment.

​To make things easier for you we found the best home insurance provider in the state based on a few factors:

  • ​​Company Financial Rating
  • ​Speed Of Application Process
  • ​​How Fast You Can Get Approved
  • ​​Baseline Coverage Options
  • ​Pricing

While no two policies are the same, we based everything off of the baseline coverage options along with the other above factors to choose the best company.

Why Hippo Is The Best Home Insurance In Texas

Hippo has come out of the corner swinging and literally knocking the competition out with its new take on Texas homeowners insurance.

Even though Hippo was founded in 2015, they are backed by some of the largest insurance companies in the world like Topo that has an A- (Excellent) rating from AM Best.

Hippo is taking a more modern approach to Texas home insurance by offering things like: 

​Backed By Top Rated Insurance Partners

​All of the insurance partners that Hippo works with hold an A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best, the most recognized insurance rating authority. Learn more about A.M. Best here.

100% Online Process

Hippo is the first homeowners insurance company that is offering a complete online process, you are able to get quotes within 60 seconds and apply online in minutes.

Lower Rates

Since everything is web based, on average, Hippo Insurance is coming in at around 25% cheaper than other companies. 

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Included in all plans, your Equipment Breakdown Coverage will handle the cost to repair or replace pretty much everything in your home that uses electric power, in the event of electrical or mechanical breakdown.

Home Electronics & Home Office

Covers home office equipment like computers and printers for up to $10,000, so if you work from home, this is an awesome benefit. 

It also has separate coverage included for your computers around your home.

Domestic Workers Coverage

This coverage protects you if a residence employee (like a mechanic, gardener or babysitter) is injured on your property.

Another modern type of coverage that isn't offered by any of the other products I have seen.

Mortgage Payment Protection

Hippo also offer plans that will provide up to $1,500 per month for up to 12 months to go toward your mortgage payments. 

Preventative Coverage

Hippo is the first company to offer a type of Preventative coverage by giving every homeowner that purchases a policy a free water leak system.

This is great because it can completely prevent you from having a covered loss due to a water leak.

As you can easily see, Hippo is one of the best home insurance companies in Texas.

Why Is Homeowners Insurance In Texas Different 

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, and a Study conducted by the National Association Of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in 2014, the average homeowners insurance policy in Texas is going to cost about $1,947.00 per year in premiums.

This was over $700.00 more per year than the national average for home insurance quotes in Texas. 

Because Texas is so huge, part of this based on your location in the state and the other part is based on sheer numbers and levels of natural disasters that happen in Tx.

According to US Tornadoes, about 147 Tornadoes touchdown in Texas every year.

Just look at the below map they created: 

homeowners insurance texas

image sourced from ustornadoes.com 

These Tornadoes bring damage in the form of: 

  • Fire & Smoke
  • freezing of plumbing
  • wind damage
  • Weight of sleet, ice, & snow
  • Hail damage
  • freezing of air conditioning

The good news is that your Texas home insurance through Hippo will cover all of those things and more.

Homeowners Insurance Texas Survival Guide

The cost of your home insurance is going to be determined by the levels of coverage that you purchase as well as the value of your home, and the part of Texas that you live in.

Know Your Deductibles (Wind & Hail or Hurricane)

Hippo offers separate deductibles for both their Wind & Hail and Hurricane coverage, so it is extremely important to know what each deductible will be for each type of covered loss.

The reason this is important is because all the deductibles have to be paid separately.


If you paid your General deductible for the year, and your home is damaged by Wind or Hail, you will need to pay that deductible in full before the insurance company will cover the rest.

Have An Inventory Of Your House Somewhere

The Texas Department Of Insurance created this nifty Home Inventory Checklist that everyone should print out and use.

You are able to go room by room and record each item along with the price and purchase date.

A list like this is important when it comes to filing figuring out what has been lost and especially for filing a claim.

Keep in mind that number 6, nationwide on home insurance claims was Theft, so having an itemized list of your things is an awesome idea.

Have A Plan & A Survival Kit

If you have watched the most recent episodes of 911 (shout out to Angela Bassett), then you would have seen the whole "Earthquake" series of episodes. 

The biggest thing that stood out was that her family had Survival Kits, the only thing they were missing was a designated location to meet up at.

That's going to be just as important if a disaster strikes.

Also, try to keep a copy of all your important documents in your Survival Kit or somewhere online.

What's ​The average homeowners insurance rate in Texas?

​Your annual premium is going to depend on several factors like your home size and address as well as if you add any additional coverage options.

However, on average Texans will pay around 2X (2 times) the national average.

According to the ​​Insurance Information Institute​​​, the average cost of homeowners insurance is around $1,937 in Texas.

Can you get flood insurance in Texas?

​You can get Flood Insurance if you live in Texas.  

You will probably have to go through ​the National Flood Insurance Program, a service backed by the government ​that provides Flood Insurance.

How To Find The Best Homeowners Insurance In Tx

As with anything, once you know how a product or service works, the next question is where do you find it and how to buy your home insurance.

When it comes to buying homeowners insurance in Texas there are only two places you should search:


Buying online through a site like ours is going to be one of the best places to find homeowners insurance quotes in Texas.

When you shop online, you are able to get the fastest quotes and easy Texas homeowners insurance comparisons.

You can go directly to companies like Hippo by clicking on our link to the right or checking out our review here.

When you shop online for coverage, you give yourself the ability to buy at your own pace, and you can usually get quoted and covered in minutes not days.

As stated earlier you also can get much lower rates by going with companies like Hippo that send more savings to customers.

Through An Agent

Speaking with an agent is also a great option to find Texas homeowners insurance information and get covered.

If you find yourself wanting to be hands off and have someone to guide you through the process, then there is no better option for you.

Taking Action

We have to stop taking what the mortgage lenders or real estate agents suggest when it comes to getting homeowners insurance in Texas.

As I stated above according to Hippo, during their recent study over 70% of people indicated they do no research or shopping around when it comes to homeowners insurance.

This is the worst number ever, and you should not be a part of that 70+ percent of people.

You can click here to start your path to coverage now or check out our review of Hippo who we have found to be one of the best Texas home insurance companies in 2018.

Thanks For Reading My Post... Before You Go!

What did you think of my post?  Did I miss anything?

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