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Calculating Your Home Insurance Needs

Figuring out how much Home insurance you will need down to the exact penny is probably not going to happen.

However, you can use this home insurance cost estimator to get a strong idea about the amount of coverage and deductible you may need.

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Let's Calculate Your
Home Insurance Needs

Disclosures & Assumptions

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What Is Your Net Worth?

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  • Less Than $100k
  • $100k - $299k
  • $300k - $500k
  • More Than $500k

What Would It Cost To Replace All Of Your Stuff?

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  • Less Than $50k
  • $50k - $150k
  • More Than $150k

How Much Would It Cost To Rebuild Your Home If It Was Destroyed?

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  • Less than $150k
  • $150k - $299k
  • $300k - $600k
  • More than $600k

What Is Your Risk Tolerance?

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  • High

Your need for home insurance:

Should you die, the financial impact on your dependents is the loss of your income as well as the immediate expenses associated with your death. The death benefit offered through life insurance serves as replacement income for a period of time to help your family build a more financially secure future.