UPC Home Insurance Review For Jun 2023

Written By Licensed Agent Aten-Re ElJanuary 2, 2023

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UPC is an insurance company specializing in policies for the coastal states.

They’re known for their policies that cater to homeowners who are at a high risk of facing disasters.

We’ll take a look at what features and benefits UPC has to offer policyholders and how their simple claims process works.


  • Range of coverage options available
  • Protects a variety of home systems
  • Great customer service
  • Local agents
  • Simple online claims process


  • Customers may experience a lag in response time when requesting a quote online 
  • Not available nationwide

Who Is UPC?

Formed in 1999, UPC hasn’t been around for quite as long as some other big names in the industry.

The company has solidified its excellent reputation through reliable service to coastal customers in major disasters, including numerous hurricanes.

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UPC currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, showing just how happy customers are with their policies, and how quick they are to respond when issues do arise.

While A.M. Best hasn’t provided a rating for UPC, Demotech gave them a financial stability rating of A, which is an exceptional rating.

Over the past two decades, UPC has paid out $3.3 billion in total claims and uses a cascading coverage reinsurance plan to ensure that they’ll be able to cover claims over the long term. 


Home Insurance made easy.

Agents not required.

Get quotes and sign up online without talking to an agent. But, we are here if you need us.

Unbiased, expert advice.

Get unbiased insurance education from licensed experts and also avoid dodgy sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get home insurance coverage within minutes of getting your quotes and applying.

What Makes UPC Different?

UPC’s unique commitment to covering homes in the coastal areas that are especially vulnerable to natural catastrophes is what sets them apart from the competition.

There are countless insurance companies out there that won’t sell policies for homes in these areas because of the risk of hurricanes and other major storms.

UPC also offers some unique products to complement their home insurance policies.

 The identity theft product is especially noteworthy when you consider just how often identity theft occurs. It can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are with your information.

Unlike many larger insurance companies, UPC is still committed to providing a personal style of service.

The company continues to hire agents in every state they serve, giving policyholders a local connection to their insurance provider.

After dealing with so many companies that only have agents in one call center half a country away, this more personal style of doing business wins favor with their customers.

Sometimes, knowing who you’re talking to makes all the difference.

While this personal service is a crucial part of UPC’s identity, they’re also committed to providing convenient, 24/7 service with access to customer service and the claims department through an online portal.

We think this strikes an excellent balance between old-fashioned values and modern convenience. 


Home insurance by state.

What Does UPC Home Insurance Cover?

UPC’s homeowner’s insurance is flexible and customizable to your unique needs.

There is a possibility that you will have to call in for a quote in order to learn more about exactly what’s available in your area. 

This is because exact coverage options may differ from place to place. Let’s take a look at the details:

Your Home

At its most basic level, your home insurance policy covers your house and anything that might be attached to it, like your garage.

With this level of insurance, UPC will also cover your air conditioning system, heating system, and large kitchen appliances, which is excellent for mitigating repair and replacement costs after a disaster.

You can add to this basic policy to include any structures on your property that are not attached to your house, like a garden shed, pool house, or fencing.

The company also offers an option to cover any additional living expenses you face if you can’t stay in your home because of a covered disaster.

Your Personal Property

UPC insurance offers personal property replacement coverage for your belongings, like electronics and furniture.

Upgrading to a Premier Package will further enhance this coverage to include items like credit cards and jewelry. It can even include cell phones, computers, and tablets.

Many homeowners appreciate this feature since losing these items would impact life significantly.

Flood Insurance

You can purchase private flood insurance and get National Flood Insurance Program coverage through UPC.

Since storms and floods can happen at any time, this is an excellent coverage option for homeowners near any body of water.

There are three levels of protection available, allowing you the flexibility to pick the option that’s right for you. 


UPC offers liability protection that covers the cost of a person’s medical bills if they are injured while on your property.

Identity Theft Protection

This product will help you secure and restore your information if your identity is ever compromised.

Home Security System Discounts

In many locations, UPC offers discounts for installing a home alarm system and other preventative measures. The specific discount, however, varies by location.

Product Availability

Currently, the company offers home insurance coverage in the following 12 states: 

  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas


Home Insurance made easy.

Agents not required.

Get quotes and sign up online without talking to an agent. But, we are here if you need us.

Unbiased, expert advice.

Get unbiased insurance education from licensed experts and also avoid dodgy sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get home insurance coverage within minutes of getting your quotes and applying.

Claims Process & Guarantee

UPC focusses on making the claims process as smooth and fast as possible. Their website features a two-step claim filing portal to facilitate the process.

Policyholders can quickly and easily file their claim and attach pictures and videos within the website.

This easy-to-navigate feature lets you skip the phone calls and written submissions required by many other insurance companies.

You can also use this portal to request a status update on a claim you’ve already filed.

If you prefer to speak with a member of the claims team, you can always call in to ask questions or file your claim over the phone. 

Taking Action

UPC offers some excellent, comprehensive home insurance policies.

If you live on the coast and want to work with a company that understands your unique needs, you should get in touch with them today. 

Personal service, combined with an awareness of the needs of modern life, makes UPC an ideal company for anyone that values a classic approach to doing business. 

If you need home insurance, you can get immediate quotes and coverage by clicking here or on any of the above buttons. 

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  1. I have UPC home insurance and have filed a claim. their customer service is terrible and they do not pay claims. i am having to take legal action to get my claim handled. the desk adjuster is going against their field adjuster who came out and agreed i bad damage.
    when this is all done UPC will never have anymore of my business.

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