How Much Is A Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Per Month In Feb 2024?

Discover how much is a million-dollar life insurance policy per month with no exam in 2022. View instant quotes and get covered in minutes.

Written By Licensed Agent Sa ElFebruary 7, 2023

What if I told you that it's super easy to get a million dollar life insurance policy with no exam in 2022?

Well, it really is: 

And even if you don't believe me, after we cover how much a 1 million dollar life insurance policy costs.

1 million dollar life insurance

I am going to show you how to get an instant million dollar life insurance quote and apply online for coverage in under 5 minutes with no exam.

How Much Is A Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy?

The average monthly cost of a 1 million dollar life insurance policy for a 35-year-old female, in perfect health, looking a 20 year term policy is around $43.09 per monthwhile the cost for a 35-year-old male looking for the same coverage will be around $52.31 per month.

However, keep in mind that there are many factors that make up life insurance quotes and the best way to get a better answer is to use our quote tool.

What Determines Your Life Insurance Rates?

  • Age - Your age is a critical factor in how much your life insurance is going to cost, the younger you are when you purchase your coverage, the lower the monthly premiums will cost.
  • Gender - Rates for women will always be more affordable than rates for men, this is because on average women tend to live longer than their male counterparts.
  • Lifestyle - If you like to go skydiving or like racing cars, your rates are going to be a bit more expensive because those actions are a bit risky. Insurance companies would prefer you to not jump out of airplanes for fun.
  • Term Length - The term length is also a substantial factor in your life insurance price. A 10 Year Term Policy is going to be more affordable than a 30 Year Term Policy. However, the longer you lock your rates in, the better.
  • Tobacco Use - If you are a tobacco user, you are going to pay up to 65% more in monthly premiums than a non-tobacco user. Hopefully, that serves as a reason for you to stop smoking if you currently do. Some insurance companies consider you a non-tobacco user after only 12 months of not smoking.
  • Overall Health - Your health history is going to be the one thing that makes the most impact in what your final rates are.  The healthier you are when you purchase coverage, the better monthly premium you will receive. 
  • Amount Of Coverage - The amount of coverage you need will change the price of your policy. The more coverage you get, the higher the premiums will go; however, they don’t always increase by that much, so make sure you look at different quotes for different amounts.

What Does A Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Cover?

Your Final Expenses

The average cost of a funeral is between $7,600 - $12,000 and over 14 years ago, my grandmothers funeral cost was over $12,000 so that price seems to be pretty accurate. That price can increase very fast because it covers things like:

  • Funeral Home Service Fees - These fees can go up to $3,000
  • Casket - Caskets can cost up to $6,000 alone.
  • Headstone - Can cost up to $5,000 for an upright headstone.
  • Burial Plot - Ranges up to $3,500 for just the plot
  • Embalming - Can run up to $650.00
  • Flowers - Can cost up to $60,000 depending on the arrangemen.t

The above expenses are really just the beginning of the costs associated with you passing away, your family will also need to replace your income.

Costs & Debt After Your Death

Along with income replacement, you still have to take into consideration your current debt and future costs, which can include:

  • Your Rent Or Mortgage Installment Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Auto loans or leases
  • RV Upkeep
  • Medical expenses for long term illnesses
  • Monthly utilities

Hopefully, you are starting to see that you need to consider a ton of situations when thinking about your life insurance. Your family's future expenses are also important.

Best Company For A Million Dollar Policy With No Exam

While there are some excellent no exam life insurance companies to choose from, we haven't found any better than Quility, Ladder, Haven Life, Bestow, and Ethos. In my professional opinion, I would go with either Quility, Haven Life or Ethos because they can cover you faster, have some of the lowest rates in the market and they also have more term options than any other company. 

Who Needs A One Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy?

A million dollars in no exam life insurance might seem like a ton of money. However, if you make anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000 a year its actually about how much your family is going to need if you pass away unexpectedly. Below we take a more detailed look at exactly who would need this policy:

Primary Wage Earners - If your family only has one primary breadwinner, it is essential that they have an excellent policy. You want to make sure that your family can survive for an extended period if they were to lose you to an untimely death. Just think about how many years your family would survive if your money stopped coming in and they had nothing to replace it.

High-Income Earners - If you are a high-income earner and make more than $100,000 per year, at the very least, you have to be looking at $1 Million dollars in life insurance coverage. If you have anything less than that you are 100% underinsured. Keep in mind that most insurance agents recommend having 10 times your annual income in life insurance. However, I recommend having between 15 and 20 times your income, just think about how long your family will be able to survive if you pass away. 5 times your income is only 5 years of income, where 15 times your annual income gives your family 15 years of income replacement.

Middle-Class Income Families - A high majority of us fall into this range of income in the United States. We are also the ones that overestimate the cost of life insurance and underestimate how much life insurance we actually need. In a recent study, we found that over 75% of Americans that have life insurance policies are underinsured. This is primarily caused by us not thinking about all of the factors that can be affected by our deaths. It really doesn't matter if it is a combined income or single income, as a middle-class family, our expenses and debts seem to be entirely different. This means that passing up on adequate coverage will be a huge mistake.

Anyone With Kids Going To College - I am sure you can understand when I say that being able to cover the cost of your kid's college will help everyone in the long run. Right now, student loan debt is at around $1.5 Trillion… Yes, Trillion; we have to do everything we can to fix this huge issue. And when you factor all of the above elements together along with income replacement, it should be easy to see that buying a million dollars of term life insurance is a necessity.

$1 Million Life Insurance For Small Business

Starting a small business can be both fun and scary at the same time, and while  % of theses businesses won't exist in the next 5 years. And the ones that do survive usually still don't have adequate life insurance, below we go over a few reasons you may need a policy.

Life Insurance For An SBA  Loan

Most self-employed or small business owners will need to borrow money to purchase equipment, real estate, or for cash flow purposes. If you take out an SBA loan for $500,000 or $1,000,000, you will be required to get the exact amount in a life insurance policy before the loan can be approved.

Life Insurance for Someone Self-Employed

If you are self-employed then you know you wear all of the hats, you are the accountant, sales person, marketer, HR, CEO, CFO, COO, and any other “O” or position you can think about. The business also will not run without you being around and can completely ruin your family financially if you don’t have the correct amount of coverage. It is essential you have enough coverage in-place so that your family will still be well if you were to pass away.

How To Buy $1,000,000 In Life Insurance Today?

The best way to get a $1 million life insurance policy today is to click here or on any of the above buttons, You can also use our free life insurance quoter above where we offer free and instant life insurance quotes.  Once you review your quotes, you can apply for a policy online, without an exam and be approved in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 500k life insurance policy cost?

A 35-year old non-smoker male in perfect health could get a 20-year $500,000 life insurance policy for about $29.00 per month or  a 10-year term for $25.00 per month. You can get this policy without an exam and in under 5 minutes.

At what age should you stop life insurance?

There isn’t a specific age you should stop life insurance; however, you should buy it as soon as possible to get the lowest rates. People usually cancel their policies when they no longer have a use for the death benefit or if their kids won’t need much money if they were to pass away.

What is a million dollar life insurance policy?

It’s as simple as it sounds, it’s a $1 Million death benefit payout to your family if you pass away unexpectedly. This coverage can be used to help replace your income or to pay debts or cover other expenses. 

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