If you are looking into life insurance to protect your family’s financial future, it can become overwhelming, especially when you are trying to decide if you should go with a 20 year or 30 year term life ​policy.

And guess what:

Since you know that you want a term life insurance policy, figuring out how long your family should remain protected creates a new question and a new quest for information.

Today you will learn everything you need to learn about a 30 year life insurance policy, why it’s your best option, a review of some sample rates, and how to get instant term life insurance quotes.

Is A 30 Year Term Life Policy Your Best Option?

The most important thing to do first is to determine if you can even purchase a 30 year term policy.

On average, the age for obtaining a 30 year term usually end around 50 or 51. 

30 year term life insurance cost

So... If you are at this age, it’s going to take a bit more than just searching online to find a 30 year life insurance policy.  

You probably need to deal with an insurance agent like my friend Chris who can more research for you much faster.

When you are dealing with term insurance, you have a few options to choose from; 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 year term.  

This means that when your term ends, it’s time to renew your policy or let it lapse; this is why you want to go with a 30 year policy.   

You don’t want to have to apply for life insurance every 5 or 10 years with rate increases along the way, you want to go with the longest time to keep your rates locked in and your prices low.

Locking In Your 30 Year Term Rate Is Best

A 30 year term will always have the highest price tag with your initial quote.

However, if you do the math, a 30 year term becomes the most affordable option, this happens because as you age, the price of life insurance increases.

​For example: 

We have two people Joe Goofy and Joe Serious.  

Joe Goofy decides to purchase a 5 year term and Joe Serious purchases a 30 year term.  

In the beginning, Joe Goofy will have a super low rate, lets say $15.00/month for 5 years.

Joe Serious would have a higher rate of lets say $30.00/month for 30 years. 

Here is why Joe Serious made the best choice:

In 5 years, Joe Goofy will be 5 years older and he will have to renew the policy.  

Being 5 years older now, any policy that Joe Goofy would purchase will ​now be higher in price. 

However, Joe Serious will still be enjoying his low $30.00/month rate and over timer, save the most money. 

​If the price is an important factor for you, then getting a 30 yr term life insurance policy is a no-brainer.

30 Years Of Coverage

Another great benefit is that a 30 year term matches the same term you will most likely have on your mortgage.  

This means that if you pass away, you leave your family the means to pay off your home and have peace of mind while they grieve your death.  

This also gives you almost 30 years to not think about Life Insurance.  

I can’t remember the study, (if you know it, please send it, and I will give it credit) but it showed that people would instead do their taxes than to start shopping for life insurance.

We all know that we need it; however, it can be such a pain that we don’t want to get into it.

The reason that I say almost 30 year is because it’s important to start deciding what options you want to take as things get closer to your policy renewal date.

  • Should you cancel at the end of the term because your home is paid off?   
  • ​Do you ​have a medical condition that would, now, disqualify you for new coverage?
  • ​Is it more affordable to just purchase a brand new policy?

As you see, there are plenty of benefits for having a 30 year term policy.

How Much Does A 30 Year Term Life Plan Cost?

This is a tricky question since ​the ​cost is going to ​vary ​for everyone.  

Life insurance companies use a few metrics to determine what your rate is going to be:

30 year term life insurance rate chart


Your gender is going to be the first determining factor used in determining your 30 year term life insurance rates.

In general, women will always receive better pricing than men because they tend to live longer than men on average.


Age is the next factor that an insurance company is going to use when it comes to life insurance and a 30 year term

Knowing your age is important so that they can determine the probability of how long you might have left to live.  

This is why it’s hard to find 30 year terms for people over the age of 50.  

In 30 years that would make them 80+ years old and the probability of death much higher.

We have a great post that list all the term life insurance rates by age.

Tobacco Usage

The next thing that makes a huge difference in your cost is going to be if you smoke or not.  

If you smoke, you can expect to see your cost shoot up to almost double the price of someone who doesn’t smoke.   

This can be an excellent reason to stop smoking; there are even some companies that will consider you a non-tobacco user after just 12 months of not smoking.

If you aren't sure of the tobacco user requirements you might need to reach out to an agent.

Your Health

Finally, they will look at your overall health; this area is going to be different for everyone.  

Your weight is also considered in an application for life insurance.


You might be very healthy and take no medications, but if you have a below average or above average weight, it can affect your monthly costs.

Let’s check out some rates below:

30 Year Term Life Insurance Quotes & Rates

30 Year Term Insurance Rates For Men
​*Rates are based on a non-smoking male in preferred health looking for 30 years of coverage





23 Years Old




29 Years Old




33 Years Old




​39 Years Old




​43 Years Old




​49 Years Old




30 Year Term Insurance Rate Chart For Men-Tobacco
​*Rates are based on a smoking male in preferred health looking for 30 years of coverage





23 Years Old




29 Years Old




33 Years Old




​39 Years Old




​43 Years Old




​49 Years Old




30 Year Term Insurance Rate Chart For Women
​*Rates are based on a non-smoking female in preferred health looking for 30 years of coverage





23 Years Old




29 Years Old




33 Years Old




​39 Years Old




​43 Years Old




​49 Years Old




30 Year Term Insurance Rate Chart For Women-Tobacco
​*Rates are based on a smoking female in preferred health looking for 30 years of coverage





23 Years Old




29 Years Old




33 Years Old




​39 Years Old




​43 Years Old




​49 Years Old




Advantages Of 30 Year Level Term Life Insurance

It might seem like I am hyping up this 30 year term thing; however, let me give you some of the advantages of getting this type of policy:

Rates Are Locked In For 30 Years 

The best thing about this policy is that it gives you the most savings out of any other term length.

This means if your rates are $20.15 per month when you start the policy, for a whole 30 years that price won’t increase, no matter your health condition.

You also don’t have to worry about losing coverage if you become sick. If you have a heart attack or are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you are still covered.

Your Kids Will Be Grown When It Ends 

If you outlive your 30 year term, it means your kids are now at the least 30 years old and are all responsible for their own life insurance.

It would also mean that you no longer need to worry about having as much life insurance.

This is because your kids have either finished college or are in their final years of school.

You Can Convert Your Policy 

Not all companies allow you to convert your term life insurance policy. 

However, most of them will allow you to convert your policy to a whole life insurance policy or a guaranteed universal life insurance policy

This is a neat benefit because it allows you to continue having coverage without the need to qualify medically.

Usually, these periods run toward the last 5 years of your policy so be sure to reach out to your insurance company or agent for the specifics.

​The top ​five no physical exam life insurance companies all have a conversion option.

You Still Get A Great Rate

Having a guaranteed level 30 year term policy is excellent, but locking it in with a low premium is even better. 

It is going to be more affordable than both a whole life policy and a guaranteed universal life insurance policy.

Disadvantages Of 30 Year Term Life Insurance

While I wouldn't flat out say that there are disadvantages to this type of coverage, there are some things that make it not the best product for everyone:

It's The Most Expensive Of The Different Term Lengths

A 30 year term is going to cost more monthly than a 10 , 15, or a 20 year term policy. 

While you might have your rate locked in for 30 years it will still cost a bit more

A Return Of Premium Policy Could Work Better

You might better off looking in to a shorter term length and going with a return of premium life insurance policy

These policies allow you to receive all of the premiums you pay into the policy when your term is up, think of it as a savings account and a life insurance policy. 

Your Term Will End... Eventually

Like any term policy, when it ends, that is just that, it's over and you either need to renew the policy on an annual basis or cancel the policy and not have covereage.

You also have the option of converting the policy when you get closer to the end of the term, but something must be done when the term ends.

Who Should Buy A 30 Year Term Policy

20 and 30 Year Old Adults

A 30 year term is the best life insurance for young adults because it gives you the longest amount of coverage for the lowest premiums at a set rate.

This is also the time you are probably getting married, having kids, or taking out a mortgage.

You need to make sure you have enough protection during that time to cover your family from an unexpected loss. 

For example:

If you are 32 and purchase a 30 year term you are covered until you are are 62 years old, your kids should be out of the house and your mortage would be paid off.

Why 500k Life Insurance Is Best With 30 Year Term

The median income in the United States is $59,039, and the average mortgage is right below $223,000. 

This means that if you had a $250,000 term policy, at most, it would be able to pay off your home, but nothing much more.  

Your family would still be minus an income and now almost out of cash.

A 500k life insurance policy gives your family the ability to pay off your home and also have money to cover things like day to day living and possibly college.

With the average income being just under $60,000, $500,000 in coverage is still less than the recommended 10 times your annual income and much less than my recommended 20 times your annual income.

However, $500k in coverage is a solid place to start for anyone.

It’s also a great coverage amount to start with because you may start at a lower income level when you purchase it.

With life events and job changes and moving into a career, that $500,000 life insurance policy would eventually make sense.

The Best 30 Year Term Life Insurance Company

Our pick for the best 30 year term company goes to Haven Life, they have one of the fastest processes around and have some of the most affordable 30 year term rates.

They have a real-rate and real time underwriting process that allows you to get covered fast and lock your rates in within a few minutes.

​Check out our Haven Reviews today.

How To Get 30 Year Term Life Insurance Quotes

The easiest and fastest way to get some 30 year term life insurance quotes is to use our quote tool on the right of your screen.  

The easiest and fastest way to get some 30 year term life insurance quotes is to use our quote tool below or by visiting our term life insurance quotes page.

We don’t need any personal information to run you a quote, this way you can decide if you want to apply for coverage or not.

The other option is to reach out to an agent or search other quoting sites.   

But be warned that getting quotes on multiple sites can get you called over 100 times.  

I wrote a post about how to get life insurance quotes with no phone calls from agents so that you can avoid that.

Either way, choosing a 30 year term life insurance policy will help keep your family covered, your mortgage protected and your expenses level.

Thanks For Reading My Post... Before You Go!

What did you think of my post?  Did I miss anything?

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