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  • How Many Road Rage Fatalities Are There Each Year? Plus Over 39 Road Rage Statistics For Sep 2023!

How Many Road Rage Fatalities Are There Each Year? Plus Over 39 Road Rage Statistics For Sep 2023!

Discover how many road rage fatalities are there each year in the U.S., the percentage of people involved in road rage behavior, and much more.

Written By Licensed Agent Sa ElJanuary 8, 2023

It's hard to believe that 80% of Americans are involved in road rage behavior once a year. However, I bet you didn't know that "Road Rage" is often listed as an exclusion on most car insurance policies.

But will you change how you react on the road now that you know this fact? What's even scarier is that some 30 people are killed each year due to road rage in The United States.

This article will comprehensively analyze road rage statistics, key facts, and compare aggressive driving incidents and road rage in the United States, emphasizing demographics.

Top Road Rage Incidents, Facts, And Statistics:

  • Approximately 30 people are murdered each year due to road rage in the United States.
  • 80% of Americans are involved in road rage behavior at least once a year.
  • Road rage and aggressive driving crashes are often not covered by insurance policies.
  • Approximately 47% of all U.S. drivers, or 95 million individuals, have screamed at a traffic participant.
  • To vent their aggravation, 31 percent of drivers, or 91 million people, have honked excessively.

Road Rage Death Statistics In The United States

How Many Road Rage Fatalities Are There Each Year In America?

Road Rage is responsible for 30 traffic fatalities each year in the U.S. According to this statistic, road rage does not always result in fatalities "on the spot." Instead, more than 30 drivers who had their judgment clouded by road rage went on to murder other drivers.

Key Statistics:

  • Over the last decade, deaths caused by road rage have risen by almost 500 percent.
  • The majority of road rage-related fatalities are classed as intentional murders of victims.
  • Between 2014 and 2016, gun-related road rage incidences increased by more than 100 percent (247 to 620).
  • In the United States, 136 people were shot due to road rage over three years (2014 to 2016).

Road Rage Statistics In The U.S. (2022)

What Are The Main Causes Of Road Rage In The U.S.?

The three primary aggressive driving incidents involve road rage, such as tailgating, cutting others off, and driving while distracted. Also things such as rude gestures.

Road Rage Statistics by State

New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, Cincinnati, and San Diego are places where auto rage is most prevalent. While drivers in Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Minnesota are the least likely to engage in road rage behavior.

Road Rage Statistics by Gender

Men are more inclined to do small activities such as tailgating a motorist (about 50 percent) than women (about 30%). Men drivers were also more likely to engage in more severe behaviors such as cutting off another car (15.5% of males, 8.3% of females), confronting them (5.7% of males, 1.8% of females), and ramming another vehicle (4.3% males, 1%). Overall men exhibit road rage more often than women.

Percentage Of Self-Reported Aggressive Driving Behavior By Gender

Self-Reported Aggressive Driving Behaviors Weighted %, By Age



25 – 39

40 – 59

60 – 74






























Block from changing lanes







Cut off





















Road Rage Statistics by Age

Drivers aged 25 to 39 were the most prone to demonstrate road rage behaviors. People between 19 and 24 were most likely to prevent another driver from switching lanes or bumping in collisions caused by driving aggressively.or ramming another vehicle. It was also concluded that millennials are most likely to be involved in aggressive behavior and car crashes.

Self-reported aggressive driving behaviors weighted %, male v. female

What Percentage Of Americans Are Involved In Road Rage Behavior Each Year?

A whopping 80% of drivers in America admit to engaging in road rage at least once a year. And it's not just a problem in the US - road rage is a global phenomenon. From tailgating and horn honking to physical violence, people are losing their cool behind the wheel all over the world.

Road Rage By Type Of Aggressive Driving

  • 47% or 95 million drivers have screamed at another traffic participant.
  • Excessively honking is used by nearly 45% or 91 million drivers to express their fury.
  • Some 33% of drivers (67 million) have made an offensive gesture while behind the wheel.
  • 24% of drivers in the U.S. (49 million) admit attempting to prevent another vehicle from changing lanes.
  • Cutting off other vehicles on purpose is not uncommon, with 12% to 24 million drivers admitting to it.
  • 4% of drivers or 8 million individuals have left their vehicles to argue with another driver in traffic, which could easily cause a road rage incident, traffic congestion, or gun violence.
  • 6 million Americans, or 3% of drivers, stated that they have purposefully hit another vehicle in their car due to road rage.

Key Statistics: 

  • According to most research, men are more likely than women to experience road rage.
  • According to road rage statistics by gender, males are more frequently the target of road rage.
  • Over a third of all automobile accidents are caused by road rage behavior, such as illegal lane changes and speeding.
  • Approximately 140 million American drivers have engaged in purposefully tailgating other vehicles, often the result of road rage.

Aggressive Driving Statistics In America

How Many Drivers Believe That Speeding Is Acceptable?

More than half of all drivers (53%) believe speeding 10 miles per hour above the posted speed limit is acceptable, especially during rush hour.

Key Statistics:

  • Every second driver who is aggressive becomes a perpetrator.
  • 2% of aggressive drivers admit to trying to run another car off the road.
  • Approximately 8 in 10 Americans have experienced road rage at least once a year.
  • According to psychologists, those who engage in road rage do not see other vehicle drivers as individuals.
  • According to studies, the average road rager has been involved in this conduct at least 27 times.
  • Road rage is frequently an exemption in various vehicle insurance plans, resulting in no coverage for road rage-related infractions.
  • In the event of road ragers, some car insurance companies may raise premiums by as much as 100% in certain states.
  • According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, excessive speeding caused 16.9% of U.S. road deaths in 2017.
  • Aggressive driving was indirectly linked to a staggering 56% of all deadly accidents over four years.


Taking Action

You might be wondering, "How can I prevent road rage?" The answer is simple. We all need to take responsibility for our own actions and learn how to control anger before it starts. All it takes is for at least one driver to lose their temper to become an aggressive driver.

That’s another reason why having comprehensive car insurance is essential. It’s not just about protecting yourself from fatal car crashes or car accidents.

With the road rage death statistics in the United States showing over 30 fatal accidents every year, we really have to do better. It's time to look at how we can reduce this number together and make sure everyone is safe on the roads.


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