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Fabric Life Insurance Review 2019 | The Smarter Way To Buy Life Insurance

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Review of: Fabric Life

Use: Buy Term Life Insurance Online


From start to covered in Minutes


Comparably low industry prices

Ease of use

Simple online application.

A.M. Best Rating



We Like

  • Apply online without an agent
  • No Exam Up To $1,000,000 in coverage
  • 10, 15, 20 Year Term Options
  • Accelerated Underwriting
  • Fabric Wills Service

We Don't Like

  • No Additional Riders Are Available
  • Only Covers From Age 21 Up to Age 60

Summary: Fabric Life Insurance has positioned itself to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy term life insurance online. 

They offer a no-exam option up to the first $1,000,000 in coverage and have a much more lenient underwriting team than most companies. 

However, Fabric is missing the ability to purchase additional riders like a child term rider.

I put this Fabric Life Insurance Review together, to help you see how simple and fast Fabric makes it for you to apply for term life insurance online and get instant coverage. Enjoy !

Rates From *$9.36/month (10 Day Free Look Period!)

*Rates based on an 21 year old female 10 Year Term, $100,000 term policy in excellent health.

Fabric Life is one of the newest contenders in the online term life insurance space and it has come to win.

They have taken the overall process of purchasing life insurance and re-imagined it by building out internal underwriting systems and workbenches.

In this review today I am going to show you how Fabric Life uses its term life insurance product to get you out of the underwriting process fast and to get you covered.

If you aren't familiar with what underwriting is, then check out this ultimate guide to how life insurance works where I explain everything you need to know about life insurance in general.

Who Is Fabric Life Insurance? 

Fabric Life insurance was created with the idea of bringing financial products for new parents into the modern age and creating a simple experience and an affordable product.

They are backed by Vantis Life who has been around since 1942, that amount of time means that they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

That’s a significant factor when choosing which insurance company to deal with; you want to know they will be around when or if you need them.

Right now Vantis Life currently holds an A+ (Superior) Rating with A.M. Best.

To top it off and make things even more secure, Vantis is wholly owned by Penn Mutual, the second-oldest mutual life insurance company in America (est. 1847).

So when it comes to history and stability, Fabric Life has you covered.

Why Should You Care About A.M. Best?

I tend to think of A.M. Best like the JD Power of the insurance industry, they have been around for over 117 years.

They rate companies based mainly on their financial strength, which can be an indicator or claims-paying ability.

Claims Paying Ability "in plain English":   A Life Insurance Company's ability to pay out on a policy.

am best rating

What Makes Fabric Life Insurance Different?

Fabric is looking to give you an entire suite of products surrounding your life insurance, not just a life insurance policy.

As you can see below, they offer free Wills and what they call the Vault where you can keep your financial documents in one secured place to stay informed.

fabric life insurance options

​They also have created an in-house underwriting system that allows for more people to be approved for life insurance at an accelerated pace. 

If you are unable to be instantly approved, they have underwriters who can look at the file to manually approve your policy in under 24 hours as well.

They are also focused 100% on making your buying experience both simple and beautiful. I think those two words sum it up. 

How Does Fabric Life Insurance Work?

Fabric Life has two different insurance products which we detail below. 

Fabric Premium

Fabric Premium Is a All-Cause Term Life product that will cover you for any death.

Your death can be accidental, natural or terminal illness with options for up to $5 Million in coverage. 

fabric premium

If you need $1 Million in coverage or less you qualify to be covered without an exam; however, everyone won't qualify for a policy without an exam.

Upon your approval of Fabric Premium, if you decide you want different coverage amounts, you get the option to choose a different term length and coverage amount with no additional underwriting.

This product offers a 10, 15, and 20 year term option and goes from ages 21 to 60. 

Fabric Instant

fabric instant

Fabric Instant is an Accidental Death (Only) product for people between the ages of 25 and 50 years old.

The coverage will terminate at the age of 60.

There is no specific term length to this policy, and you aren’t locked into anything, however the policy will end when you reach 60.

For Example: If you purchase the policy at the age of 25, then you can be covered for 35 years.

It’s a month to month product, almost like a subscription.  As long as you pay, the coverage is in effect.

The way it works is that if you pass away from an accident like a car accident, murder or bike accident just to name a few, the policy will payout 100% from day one. 

Fabric Term Life Insurance ​

Along with having great rates, the term life policy from Fabric offers a 10, 15, and 20-year term length.

This term life policy works like any traditional life insurance policy and will cover you for any type of death.

And guess what:

They offer accelerated underwriting for people who qualify, which means that you might be able to skip the medical exam and be approved instantly.

Another great benefit is that once you have been approved, you can decide to choose lower coverage or more coverage, whatever fits your budget before finalizing the policy.

They have also built a feature so you can share your term life insurance policy details with your beneficiary directly.

Fabric is an all around great company with a great life insurance product and they offer awesome benefits you can take advantage of for free like their online Wills.

Fabric Life Insurance Rates

Fabric monthly rates are based on a 20 year term policy for both male and female wanting $250,000 or $500,000 in coverage.

  • ​Fabric Rates For ​Women
  • ​fabric Rates For ​Men

*Rates are based on a 20 Year Term Policy - Non-tobacco Male with a preferred health rating




21 Years Old



25 Years Old



30 Years Old



35 Years Old



40 Years Old



45 Years Old



Fabric Life Instant (Accidental Death Product)

Since the initial product (Fabric Instant) is an accidental death only policy, several exclusions exist in regards to what type of death the policy will payout on.

Examples include things like: death from illnesses, suicide or death while participating in a riot.

Fabric Life Accidental Death Insurance Review (Video)

Fabric Instant Rates 

Fabric Instant has 3 tiers for their rates, and they only seem to change if you go up in coverage.

I didn’t see a rate change for tobacco users or for when the age increases so this is a great product no matter if you are a tobacco user or not.

Fabric Life Instant Rate Chart

Coverage Amount








Is It Really A 2 Minute Decision? 

​From what I can honestly tell you.  


​This is by far the fastest application for any type of Life Insurance that I have ever ​completed.  

​During the video review I said you might need way more information than you actually needed as well.  

Based on my application below are the things you will actually need to get approved:

  • Your cell phone number
  • Your Social
  • Date Of Your Birth
  • The Name Of Your Beneficiary
  • Payment Information

You won't be needing your Drivers License for approval, and you only need your Beneficiary's name. 

fabric life no health questions

Once you complete the quick information questions you next need to confirm that all of the information is correct because all that's left to do is e-sign and make your payment.


​Afterwards you are also sent an email with a copy of the policy and policy number. 

​That's It! 

As you can see this process is super fast and you are approved as soon as you pay.  

If you are ready to get covered now, go ahead, but remember, the instant product is only accidental death.

Creating Your Free Will With (Fabric Wills)

Another thing that makes Fabric Life Insurance stand out is their “Fabric Wills” service.

Fabric Life states that you can create a will and make it legally binding within 5 minutes.

Fabric also states that there is no purchase necessary to use their “Wills” service.

This is excellent for someone who may need to create a Will.

fabric wills, accidental death insurance

Setting Up Your Will Through Fabric Life

The process to setup your Free Will through Fabric is very simple and straight forward.

You can click the button below to get the process started.

Fabric Life's Availability & Policy Options:

To qualify for the Fabric Term life insurance policy, you must:

  • Be between the ages of 21 - 60.
  • Fabric is now available in 49 States.

How To Take Action

I know this Fabric Life Insurance review is detailed, however, I wanted to make sure that I gave as much information and specifics as possible.

If you have been holding off on getting some type of life insurance for any reason,  I say give Fabric Life a chance especially if you are between 21 and 60.  

They have one of the fastest online processes and some of the most affordable rates in the industry.

Just click on the button bellow to get started.

​*Disclosure - Fabric Instant is an Accidental Death Insurance Policy (Form VL-ADH1 with state variations where applicable) and Fabric Premium is a Term Life Insurance Policy (Form CMP 0501 with state variations where applicable). Policies are issued by Vantis Life Insurance Co. (Vantis Life), Windsor, CT (all states except NY), and by Vantis Life Insurance Company of New York, Brewster, NY (NY only).

Sa El is the Co-Founder & CEO of Simply Insurance. He is a Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent with over 11 years of experience in the industry. He is an Entrepreneur, Insurance Educator and Field Underwriter. Sa is on a Journey to get 1 Million Families insured.

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