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  • 1035 Exchanges Allowed
  • Optional Policy Riders Available
  • Lapse Protection Available

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Guaranteed No Lapse Universal Insurance Quick Facts


No lapse universal life insurance offers a lifetime death benefit and a minimum guaranteed interest rate.


Monthly premiums are higher than term life insurance policies and can have confusing policy options.

Who Is It For

Guaranteed universal life insurance is for people who want permanent coverage with flexible premiums

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So, What Is Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance?

As we like to say, "In Plain English," guaranteed universal life insurance is a type of life insurance that offers flexible premiums like a term life insurance policy, and lasts as long as a whole life policy. Think of it as a compromise between the two products. 

How Does Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Work?

Like any traditional life insurance policy, a gul insurance policy will require an exam. 

You will still deal with the traditional outcomes of:

Approved: You have been medically approved for the policy and can pay for it for coverage.

Declined: You have not been medically approved for the policy and have to find coverage though another company.

This process can take a some time and you will need to go through a medical exam first along with an:

  • MIB Check - This is going to check to see if you have any history with past insurance companies or have applied for coverage recently. 
  • MVR Check - This will be used to determine if you are a reckless or crazy driver.  Mainly looking for things like a DUI or DWI.
  • Prescription Check - This check will be used to make sure your statements match the prescriptions you take.

These reports are used together to determine your insurability based on the guidelines given to the insurance company for what risk is acceptable and what risk isn't.

The best thing about a  guaranteed universal life policy is that your premiums can be level for a lifetime.

Your death benefit can go up to ages 90, 95, 100, 105, 115 or even 121.

You even get to choose the length of your premium payments.

These policies aren't as affordable as a term life insurance policy;however, they are more affordable than a whole life insurance policy.

How Long Does It take to get covered?

Time for approval with a traditional gul insurance policy is going to be around 2 to 4 weeks.

You are going to go through the same underwriting process as you would any type of traditional insurance product.

The best thing is that working with an agent can usually help speed up the process. 

What Type Of GUL Insurance Quotes Do You Offer?

Simply Insurance offers a wide variety of affordable guaranteed universal life quotes online.

Guaranteed universal life insurance pros and cons

There are a few pros and cons I would like to go over in regards to a guaranteed universal life insurance policy:


  • Premiums can be level for lifetime.
  • Death benefit guaranteed up to age 121
  • Interest rate volatility does not affect premium payments.
  • Policies Can Be Funded By A 1035 Exchange
  • You Can Set Your Length Of Premium Payments


  • Product May Not Have Any Cash Value
  • Premiums Generally Higher Than Term Insurance
  • A missed or late premium payment can jeopardize the guaranteed premium feature
guaranteed universal life insurance quotes

What Does Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Cover?

Like a traditional life insurance policy, a gul insurance policy covers the same thing and the payout is another form of a lump sum payment, once it's paid out to your beneficiary they can use it to pay for anything.

Here is a list of a few things you can do with a life insurance payout:

  • Pay Off Your Mortgage
  • Get rid of your car note
  • Clear credit card debt
  • Cover Kids College Expenses
  • Pay Taxes
  • Pay Daily Living Expenses
  • Use As Income Replacement
  • Invest (Here are 30+ Ways To Invest)
  • Cover Child Care Expenses
  • Pay final expenses of the insured

The Biggest Myth About The Cost
Of GUL Life Insurance 

The biggest myth about the cost of life insurance is that it's too expensive.  

A recent study from LIMRA found that 63% of people said they wouldn't get life insurance coverage because of its cost.

However, the same study found that life insurance policy quotes are 80% than what people thought they were.  

Don't hold back, it is more affordable to buy guaranteed universal life insurance than you think.

Didn't think you could get cheap guaranteed universal life insurance? Guess Again 

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Most insurance companies allow you to purchase up to 30x your annual income, but we recommend that you have at the least 10x your annual income in life insurance.

So if you make $50,000 / year, a policy for $500,000 would be our suggestion. Just remember to buy life insurance that  you can afford.

When you are looking at any of our secondary guarantee universal quotes you can always start off with the lowest premium payment you can afford. 

Term Life vs Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

There are two types of life insurance, Whole Life and Term life insurance.  From our experience, Term life quotes will always be a bit more affordable than Whole life insurance.  

Below are real life examples of the premium differences between the two products:

Term Life Insurance
(Life Insurance With A Term Lenght)

Gender: Male
Age: 33
Health Rate: Preferred 
Smoker: No 
Length of Coverage: 20 Years 
Coverage Amount: $250,000 

Monthly Life Insurance Rate: $14.05
*Plan Rates And Options Provided By Haven Life

GUL Insurance
(Life Insurance Up To Age 121)

Gender: Male
Age: 33
Health Rate: Preferred 
Smoker: No 
Length of Coverage: To Age 121 
Coverage Amount: $250,000 

Monthly Life Insurance Rate: $127.00
*Plan Rates And Options Provided By Protective Life

Compare GUL insurance costs to other monthly expenses

Did you think we wouldn't call you out on your spending habits?

Monthly Cost

Buying Shoes


Daily Coffee


Cell Phone Bill


Wine Clubs


GUL Life Insurance


*Life Insurance Rates are Based on a policy for $250,000 lasting until age 121 for a 33 Year Old Male

Can I get Guaranteed Universal life insurance online? 

If you are looking to shop for guaranteed universal life insurance online, then you have come to right place.

We have made it easy to apply for life insurance online through some of the most technologically innovative companies in the nation.

Our partners make buying gul insurance online incredibly easy and affordable.

You won't find another company that will make your insurance coverage a priority.

With our guaranteed universal life plans you can get covered fast and spend more time on other things you care about.

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