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Get A Simple and Fast Disability Insurance Quote

Get an affordable paycheck insurance quote and apply online for immediate coverage, all without an agent.

Watch To See Why You Need Paycheck Insurance: 

  • Coverage For Ages 18 - 60
  • Monthly Benefit From $500 To $20,000 Per Month
  • ​No doctors, no paperwork and no pushy salespeople.
  • ​​No Income Documentation Required
  • ​Short Term & Long Term Disability Options

*Plans Start at $9.00 Per Month

*Pricing for a 25 year old male, 5-year benefit period, 90 day waiting period and $1,000 / month benefit with SDIR rider.

The simplest & fastest way to  buy disability insurance online

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​Why Use Us?​

  • Get instant disability insurance and an easy online application
  • Save more time by getting an online disability quote
  • ​No need to deal with an agent and miss out on​ savings.

Disability Quick Facts

1 In 4

1 in 4 of today’s 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire.

#1 Cause

The #1 cause of bankruptcy In the U.S. is being disabled. 

Illness Not Accident

Illness, not accidents, is the number 1 cause of disability.

A Real Life Disability Story

It is important to remember that nobody believes bad things can happen to them until it does.

Types Of Disability Coverage

​Short Term Disability

​Long Term Disability


1 - 2 Years

​5 - 10 Years or To Age 65 or 67

​Waiting Period

​30, 60, 90 Day Waiting Periods

​30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 Day Waiting Periods

Guaranteed Cash Value




​Can Be Renewed Up To A Specific Age

​Can Be Renewed Up To A Specific Age

Policy Notes

Policy cancels or has to be renewed at the end of the level term. 

Policy pays out at the end of the term along with any additional cash value.

What Does The Best Disability Policy Cover? 

A disability insurance policy will cover any costs of living which include:

  • ​​Day to Day Living Expenses
  • ​​Car Note
  • ​​Mortgage
  • ​​Utility Bills
  • ​​Groceries
  • ​​Cell Phone Bill
disability insurance quote

Policy Features

Option 1
(Most Affordable)

Total Tax-Free Monthly Benefit 


Waiting Period

90 Days

Benefit Period

2 Years

Monthly Premium


Policy Features

Option 2
(Most Popular)

Total Tax-Free Monthly Benefit 


Waiting Period

90 Days

Benefit Period

5 Years

Monthly Premium


Policy Features

Option 3
(Most Coverage)

Total Tax-Free Monthly Benefit 


Waiting Period

90 Days

Benefit Period

Age 67

Monthly Premium


Is There Disability or Paycheck Insurance For Self Employed? 

Yes! If you are self-employed, your entire business could be at risk if you don't have some form of disability insurance.

Since being self-employed means that you wear every hat, and most of the time that includes being the breadwinner of the family.

If you were to become disabled, not only would it put major stress on your business, but it would definitely affect your personal life as well.

If you are self-employed, you can't afford to go without disability insurance.

Can You Get disability Coverage without a medical exam?

Yes, you can get disability insurance with no medical exam.

As a matter of a fact we have a product that offers:

  • ​​No blood or urine tests or paramedical exams
  • No Attending Physicians Statements (APS)
  • No Personal History Interviews (PHI) required
  • ​​No income documentation

​The fastest way to get covered is with a no ​medical disability insurance policy.

You will bypass all of the time consuming problems people usually run into like setting up a time for an examiner or waiting on medical records from a doctors office. 

Can You Get Insurance Quotes For A Disability Policy Online?

When searching online for a disability policy, you need an option that will allow you to get a quote without needing too much of your personal information.

Your individual disability insurance quotes will be specific to you and not only can you get your disability income insurance quote online, you can also apply online for coverage.  

It's easy to think that this process is complicated, but in a few minutes you can get a quote, apply online and have a decision within a few days.