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What Is A Dental Discount Plan?

"in Plain English” 

Dental discount plans, often known as Dental savings plans, are for people and families who wish to save money on their dental treatments. Plan members may save 10% to 60% on the typical cost of dental care and treatments at a network of usually over 100,000 dentists across the United States. This form of coverage is not regarded as insurance but more of a type of membership plan.

How Much Do Dental Discount Plans Cost?

What Factors Determine The Cost Of My Dental Savings Plan?

Sample Dental Discount Plan Rates By Coverage Amount

What Does A Dental Discount Plan Cover?

Discount dental plans will cover you for a wide range of services including but not limited to:

Root Canals
Oral Surgery
Oral Exams
Deep Cleanings
Annual Checkups
Local Anesthesia
With our dental plans, members can receive their benefits from day one with unlimited use, no matter how complicated the procedure.

What Dental Discount Plans Don't Cover?

How Much Dental Insurance Do I need?

What Are The Best Dental Discount Plan Companies?

Dental Discount Plans Vs Dental Insurance

How To Buy Dental Discount Plans Online?

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